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Rewards Program

At Carl’s Shoes, we reward our loyal customers. It’s called Perkville and you can sign up free at our Customer Service desk.

Here’s How Perkville Works

Earn one point for every dollar you spend at Carl’s Shoes. When you accumulate 500 points you earn a $50 Carl’s Shoes Coupon.

Other Ways to Earn Points

√   5 Points for a Facebook post
√   5 Points for a Twitter post
√   5 Points for your Birthday

How to Enroll

Just stop at the Customer Service desk and give us your information at time of purchase. You will be sent an email from Perkville after your purchase with instructions on creating your Perkville Account.

Getting Points

You will receive a point for every dollar you spend at Carl’s Shoes. You can only get points when your Perkville account is attached to your sale, so please make sure we put it in each and every time. Important: If your sale isn’t linked to your account at the time, there is no way we can go back and add the points.

Redeeming Rewards

Rewards are redeemed on your personal Perkville account. Just log on to track your points.

Do I Need an Email Address?

Yes. Rewards are only tracked and redeemed via email.

Will I Still Get Mailings from Carl’s Shoes?

Yes. Perkville is only a points-based rewards program. You will still get discounts and sale notifications in the mail if you choose not to participate in Perkville.

We are delighted to have you as a customer and invite you to join our Rewards Program.  Sign Up at Carl’s Shoes today.